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Each workshop consists of a presentation on the topic, expert-led discussion that will contain practical hands-on advice and guidance, and time for Q&A.


…FOR PARENTS OF TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS   Monday, June 8th, 11:45am- 12:15pm

Bring your questions about your toddler or preschooler. Some questions we’re often asked:
  • My child is constantly on the go, exploring with boundless energy– how can I manage this?
  • How do I potty-train my child given his or her temperament?
  • Time Outs– Yes or No?
  • How can I help him take turns and share with his playmates?
  • My child wants to do everything herself- how can I foster her independence but also have fewer power struggles?
  • How can I best prepare my child for a new sibling or other big changes?
Cost: $35/participant
Please email your RSVP by Friday, June 3rd in order to secure your spot. Further details regarding registration and payment will then be provided.




Group forming for Parents of Middle Schoolers: Thursdays, 9:15-10:15am (bi-weekly)


A parent group is forming at InParentis, led by adolescent parenting expert, Dr. Iris Hellner.  Meet other parents for support and new ideas and get expert guidance during this time of significant changes and challenges for tweens/teens and their parents.     
The group will meet every two weeks and will cost $50 a participant per group.  For more details, contact us

Please note: we hope to start the group in June, run it for part of the summer and resume in September.   






at all stages of the separation-divorce process… for those who are thinking about it, in the midst, and living life afterwards 

Come together with other parents who are going through this transition and learn about likely topics such as:

  • How to help your child transition, what children need at different developmental stages, and how to support your child at each step of the way
  • Co-Parenting, whether your relationship is amicable or contentious
  • What to do when you parent differently than your ex, or when your ex is disengaged or absent
  • How to parent effectively when you feel sad, angry or raw
  • How to “take care of yourself” and what can make that so hard to do

…FOR PARENTS OF BABIES (under a year)   

Parents of babies often ask us questions about eating, sleeping, co-parenting, going back to work, caregiving options, what to expect and when, how to create strong and lasting bonds with your baby, and so much more! Get practical advice and guidance from an InParentis expert and meet and chat with other new parents.


Some questions we’re often asked about tweens and teens:
  • How do I get my kid to talk to me?
  • What should I do when she is rude or disrespectful?
  • How much freedom and independence should I allow my teenager?
  • My kid doesn’t listen to me and thinks he knows everything!  What do I do about this?
We invite you to come to ASK THE EXPERTS with your own questions or piggy back on these!  ASK THE EXPERTS is entirely Q&A and will not include a formal presentation. The number of participants will be kept small to insure that your questions will be answered. $35/participant



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